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Fiber Optic Switches: (All Optical, MEMs, Low Profile, High Speed, High Power, Optical 
Matrix, Limitation Zero™, Non-Blocking, Micro Collimator, Arrayed, Large Core, Single 
& Multi Mode)

FIBERSENSE’s switches provide highly accurate switching for reliable routing of 
channels in fiber optic networks and systems.  They are also ideal for use in system and network 
testing, fault location instrumentation and testing, and sensor systems. The large channel 
configurations available provide switching architecture and capabilities for complex systems; and 
the large core fiber option brings full switching potential to high power networks and laser systems.

Switching Products Include:

 Low Profile Fiber Optic Switches for Network and Redundancy Applications-All Optical versions 
 All Optical Matrix and Limitation-Zero ™ True-Matrix Switches NxM 
 Low Profile, Large Core Fiber Optic Switches for high power switching 
 High Speed all Optical True Matrix and Limitation-Zero ™ Fiber Optic Switches for Packet 
  Switching and Aggregate Multi Casting
 Switches for Mil-SPEC and Harsh environments
 Fiber Optic Switches Single Mode & Multi Mode 1x2, 2x2, 1x4, & 1x8 
 Fiber Optic MEMs Switching Technology for All Optical non blocking architecture including Packet 
  Switching and Aggregate Multi Casting 
 Micro Collimator, free space & arrayed versions for MEMs architecture 

These models are available with fast switching speeds and in compact sizes.  Singlemode and 
multimode versions can be supplied to cover all wavelength requirements from UV to IR.  
Large Core multimode fibers can also be accommodated for higher power applications.  

These switches are ideal for:
  • Test & Measurement equipment
  • Environmental test and monitoring systems
  • Fiber optic sensing systems, on board Aircraft/Naval Command and Control systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Any Fiber Optic based architechture

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