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From the outset, Fiberesense has been a pioneer in the innovation of fiber optic technologies and 
products that are truly state-of-the-art.  As a result of its own in-house R & D, Fibersense possesses 
a wealth of patented and proprietary technologies, methods and know-how relating to the design, 
development and manufacture of a comprehensive range of key enabling devices for virtually all fiber 
optic applications.

Fibersense has always been on the leading edge of the development of fiber optic and photonic 
components for advanced telecommunications.  On an irrefutable and historical note, we developed 
fiber optic Wavelength Division Multiplexers and DeMultiplexers as early as 1984!  And Fibersense 
was also the first company in the industry to see the potential of the fiber optic medium for a whole 
host of exciting new fields.  Fibersense's vision, its continuous experimental development and 
special-project work have been highly instrumental in expanding the role of fiber optic technology, a
nd have resulted in devices and products for advanced sensing, aerospace, military, defense, 
illumination and experimental biomedical applications.

Fibersense's distinctive technologies and capabilities include:

Telecommunication-type products
Fibersense's unique technologies and products provide for the splitting, coupling, combining, switching,
routing, multiplexing and deMultiplexing of large numbers of fiber optic/optical channels with extremely
low loss.

Fiber Optic/Optical Switching
Fibersense possess the technology and capability for a comprehensive range of fiber optic and 
all-optical switching products, from low-profile 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 devices, 1 x N and N x M matrices up
to large switches with high numbers of Input and Output ports, and the Limitation-Zero™  Technology
which provides for truly unlimited channel switching and ring configurations.

Fibersense has also developed unique proprietary technology for MEMs switching.

Multimode Products
The company has always recognized the distinctive value and potential of multimode products and 
networks.  We have developed and maintained special expertise in the development and fabrication 
of both singlemode and multimode devices, and most products are offered in both singlemode and 
multimode versions.

Large Core Diameter Multimode Products
We possess unrivaled capabilities and technology for the design and fabrication of components and 
systems from large core diameter fibers of 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, 400 m, 500 m, 600 m, 
800 m, 1000 m diameters and beyond. 
These capabilities include coupler/splitter, star coupler, combiner, switch and attenuator products.  
We also offer asymmetrical couplers with Inputs and Outputs from differing fiber sizes.

High Energy Devices
Fibersense has developed, and maintains, special technologies for key devices to enable high energy 
fiber optic architectures and systems.  These are especially significant in terms of aerospace, military 
and defense systems.

Mil. Spec. Devices
In order to realize the full potential and benefits of fiber optic systems in harsh environmental, 
aerospace or military environments, Fibersense has developed unique methods and technologies to 
achieve fiber optic devices that meet or exceed stringent Military Specification standards.  
Fibersense's Mil. Spec. devices have been tested to meet exacting Military Specifications not just in 
terms of function and performance, but also in terms of durability and survivability in extremely hostile 

Fibersense designs, develops and supplies fiber optic devices and Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) to 
withstand the operational environments of even combat helicopters. Fibersense's LRU's have been 
qualified to standards that are unprecedented in the fiber optic industry in terms of 
temperature tolerance range, resistance to thermal shock, resistance to combat aircraft levels of 
vibration and shock, and resistance to a wide range of environmental and chemical contaminants.

Network Monitoring and Test & Measurement Instrumentation
Fibersense has developed an entire range of fiber optic instrumentation and equipment to analyze, 
monitor and maintain fiber optic telecommunication, sensing and command and control systems.  
These cover virtually all aspects of application and market demand from hand-held power analysis 
and monitoring devices with convenient features, to comprehensive exchange-based fiber optic cable 
identifying systems to track and troubleshoot whole networks over a wide geographic area.

Plastic Optical Fiber Components
Foreseeing the potential of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) for "Smart Buildings", fiber-to-the-desk 
networking, and on-aircraft systems, Fibersense has developed the technology for plastic optical fiber 
components which enable viable, low loss POF architectures and networks.  

Fibersense's  POFcomponent capabilities include: couplers and splitters, star couplers, switches and 

Components and Products for Experimental and 
Investigational Bio-Medical Applications
Fibersense's expertise and technology in areas such as UV fiber optic applications and
fiber optic laser delivery (including proprietary multiport laser delivery techniques) have led to strong 
capabilities in the field of fiber optic devices for use in, for example, 
experimental Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) applications, immunoassay units and 
experimental/investigational laser-based minimally invasive surgery. 

Fibersense has accomplished many highly challenging projects.  The breadth and depth of Fibersense's
expertise and technology have led to its reputation in the industry as a fiber optic problem solver.

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